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NitroWare's mission to deliver in-depth PC/IT Hardware Reviews and Analysis is largely a 'labour of love', despite now being a full-time professional online publication/blog.

As such we have tried to minimise ads on the site, which will detract and distract from our content. The balance of advertising, paid content and natural content is a mix that no-one in the media industry has been able to perfect.

We want to keep things simple, and focus on content rather than differentiating our content from heavy advertising. To help keep this going, any donation is appreciated and goes towards daily operation of bringing you interesting and relevant content.

Many organisations also say this but it is genuinely true, and to us has more meaning and relevance as we, an independent, established yet relatively small publication has to compete with corporate/print media in the extremely crowded and small industry of Australian Tech Media. Donations will specifically go towards acquiring equipment used to produce our content and travel to specific media briefings.

With a population of ‘only’ 25 million, vendors with local presence have limited resources and staff, and even then vendor focus is on corporate media organisations and print publications. We are often the only specialist/independent hardware publication at media events or included for product launches. In 2014, we were nominated in the ‘best independent media’ category of the Australian IT Journalism Awards, the ‘Lizzies’.

Several other formerly Australian based hardware publications have moved overseas to try to get advantageous access to vendors, somewhat abandoning their local readership in a way. We are not going anywhere and still feel we can both serve our both our Australian and International readership from Sydney and by reporting on local events and news. If any of our content or social media postings has been useful or informative to you or your business, please consider donating.

Dominic Sharoo


Sydney, Australia