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Our Street Fighter 4 benchmark is setup to render as fast as possible. Speed is important for a fighter however they are locked at 60Hz. Unlocking the rate allows us to look at throughput. The title is also useful for testing whether certain weaker hardware can sustain 60 Hz without stutter, glitches or drops.

Arcade/Strategy Benchmarks - Street Fighter 4,Total War: SHOGUN 2, World in Conflict

SHOGUN 2 from Sega is an interesting title, not just for the large scope the game encompasses for its age but the included benchmarks which focus on CPU and Graphics independently or combined. The game can generate and handle a large number of enemy AI so the system must be able to support this.

Being DX11 based, it can take full advantage of GM206 and Maxwell, again 20 FPS faster. Note the CPU score is within margin so there's no 'cheating' here.

We like to use World in Conflict as an RTS test due to its complex DX10 graphics, (explosions, clouds, destruction, lighting) and that it benchmarks an actual mission from the single campaign complete with enemy AI. It is a little dated but the graphics and system load still hold up 5yrs later.