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Pricing, Availability and Support

The official pricing for GTX 960 is US $199 with the RRP for the EVGA SSC being US$209. In retrospect the GTX 760 launched as US $249 and GTX 660 at US229. The base price and the overclock markup is fine, but NVIDIA does not issue regional RRPs and as of time of writing some exchange rates are low meaning more expensive cards in some regions.

EVGA GTX 960 SSC Availability

RegionLocal PriceConverted Price in USD
AUS - AUD $ 319 $ 248
US - USD $ 210 $ 210
EU - EUR € 215 $ 243

At the time of going to press, the cheapest GTX 960 in Australia is priced at $AUD $269 inc tax according to which equates to $USD 208.

Radeon R9 285 Availability

RegionLocal PriceConverted Price in USD
AUS - AUD $ 307 $ 239
US - USD $ 210 $ 210
EU - EUR € 192 $ 217

EVGA have company based extended on-line support and warranty however this program has not been extended to Australia according to EVGA.

EVGA 'helpfully' print their support information on both box end flaps, doesnt help if you throw the box out though..

The support information on the sample we received referred Australians to contact EVGA Taiwan and to not return the Graphics card to point of purchase. This is incorrect and Australians should return the product to point of purchase first for exchange repair or refund.