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We can overclock the EVGA 960 two ways, one of which we have seen for the first time in EVGA Precision X 16 (which is made by EVGA and not rivatuner) , which was not present in MSI Afterburner, EVGA KBOOST and traditional overclocking using PrecisionX or the tool of your choice.

KBOOST mode - EVGA GTX 960 SSC at fixed 1430 MHz with EVGA Prescision X 16

EVGA KBOOST mode forces GPU BOOST 2.0 to run at a high speed full-time rather than throttle depending on dynamic load. We have not seen this mode before on competitor brands and the caveat here is simply heat and power as well as a slightly lower peak clock speed.

KBOOST mode - EVGA GTX 960 SSC at fixed 1430 MHz at idle in GPU-Z

We monitored 59C in Bioshock and 74c in Dirt 3 with a slight throttle to 1418 because of the temperature. Since gaming loads (versus stress tests) typically don't end up overloading the GPU and resulting in boost being disabled, in the quick testing we saw little to no difference for forcing GPU BOOST on, and may have limited benefit primarily for benchmarking as described by EVGA.


Bioshock Min 28FPS AVG 72 FPS Min 27FPS AVG 77
Dirt3 Min 103 AVG 128 Min 105 AVG 127
3DMark Firestrike 6862 6798

Traditional overclocking is of course supported and we have up to +100mv of overvoltage. Since the EVGA SSC model is already Boosted we could only achieve a 50MHz core and 50MHz Memory overclock in very limited testing. Furmark would freeze above 50MHz even with the full +100mv overvolt.

GPU-Z overclock report - EVGA GTX 960 SSC 50MHz overclock

50MHz OC,gave us a 1480 Boost speed, which dropped to 1468 during Bioshock Infinite benchmark, at 72c. Dirt3 also ran at 1468 and 72c.

EVGA OVERCLOCK PERFORMANCE - GTX 960 SSC with 50MHz overclock, 110% Power limit, 94c temp limit and +12mv

Bioshock Min 23.26 AVG 78.15
Dirt3 Min 112.5 AVG 132.6
3DMark Firestrike 6967
Furmark 2623, 44FPS,83c

3DMark Firestrike Result Summary - EVGA GTX 960 SSC 50MHz overclock

3DMark Firestrike Result Plot- EVGA GTX 960 SSC 50MHz overclock